Schnauzer Reviews

Below are reviews that I have received from new puppy owners. Thank you all so much for your kind comments. Your comments make my day!! I appreciate your taking the time to let me know about your puppy.

Shirley Gilbert, Two Creeks Tiny Schnauzers

“The pups are a great addition to the family. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for raising great dogs. I believe the one on one time you spend with them makes a world of difference.”

Wayne and Elvira from Illinois.

“Murphy weighs 5 lbs. and he is spoiled rotten! He is smart as a whip and already knows sit, down and will stay pretty good. He can go up and down stairs and will fetch too. We love him and are very proud of him. GOOD DOG!!”

Murphy is living with Adam and Cindy in Arkansas.

“Just wanted to send you a picture of our babies with Santa. We are still very much in love with them and they are very spoiled. Huxley has grown up and is the biggest of all of them. LOL.  Sophie has turned out to be the smallest and still under 5 lbs. As I am writing this she is laying here in my lap snoozing away. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the happiness she has brought into our lives.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Ricky, Ava and Sophie (Check out the Santa picture on the Past Pups Page. Ricky & Ava’s daughter, April, has Huxley and Kaleena).

“I just gave your email address and website to a wonderful lady that lives near me. She fell in love with my Teddy. I saw the pictures of Scooter! He is precious! I have to talk my husband in to another one. Teddy is about 4-5 lbs. She is head of the pecking order. She keeps my 120 lb. German Shepard in line. She is also so good with the kids. I have a little boy that is about to be a year old and she loves him. I’m sure that’s because he gives her his gold fish snacks. Teddy is also very protective of my daughter. She is the best small dog I’ve ever been around.

Teddy is living with Angela and family in Arkansas

“Murray is loving his new family (the boys fell in love with him immediately) and he has had a blast getting adjusted to his new surroundings. He has already adapted so well. He makes us all laugh so much. He is already the greatest joy of our lives. Here are a few pics as promised. As you can see he is playin and lovin life here. Thank you again. Feel so happy and blessed that our paths crossed.”

Murray is living with Dean, Robyn, and family in Arkansas.

“Many of you have met Zucker either in person or via Skype and/or have pets. Took the cutest pic of him yesterday.  He cocks his head when I say “cheese” because he wants cheese, not because he knows he’s being photo-ed.  Since I don’t have kids or grandkids or other pets or do Facebook, I feel I have bragging rights every now and then. I just can’t believe he is mine and that I am totally responsible for this little 4 lb. bundle of joy. He is always making me laugh.”

Zucker is living an exciting life with Cynthia in NYC.

“While I was initially hesitant about buying a puppy online, I felt very comfortable after having talked with Shirley. I am so grateful to have found her and Two Creeks Schnauzers.  Shirley really cares about her dogs and pups and tries to make sure they end up in good homes.  She is always very responsive and helpful and supportive if I email her with a question or issue. These little schnauzers are very unique — so unique that they literally stop traffic — either car traffic or foot traffic.  Most people where I live have never seen anything smaller than a miniature schnauzer, and certainly never in the liver color which is my pup’s coloring.”

“I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH MY PRECIOUS GIRL! She is just the sweetest lap baby doll ever! On top of that not even one accident yet in the house. Bentley is wonderful with her…he plays wild and crazy but so gentle with her as she is hanging from his ears and chasing him as he runs with toys in his mouth…they are a hoot!!!! Thank you, thank you for the most BEAUTIFUL floppy ear, green eyed baby ever!! She is truly everything I wanted in my first schnauzer baby …and I LOOKED AT A GAZILLION DOGS OVER THE PAST 6 mo!! My best to you!! God bless,

Colleen– Miss Finn is living with Colleen in Arkansas.

“CoCo had her first haircut today. She did great! She is really smart and very loving. In three days she will be 12 weeks old, and she weighs 3 lbs. and 8 ounces. CoCo’s confirmation is wonderful.  Everywhere we go-vet, groomer and such-people rave over her striking beauty. She is loved by all. I will take pictures this weekend and send along to you. Thanks so much Shirley for this joyful bundle of love you’ve added to our home! I can’t tell you enough how much we love her. Lucky us!”

CoCo is living with Gay and Family in Tenn.

“Hello there! Just thought I’d give you an update on Dax. (I got him from you in Aug. of 2011.) He is doing well in his Texas home. He loves his new sisters and plays with them the majority of the daylight hours. The rest of the time he follows me around to see what is going on or sleeps on his pad while I am at my desk. He’s almost 7 mos. old and weighs 7 lbs. He’s all muscle from the running and playing with his bigger sisters. He hasn’t quite caught on yet to where the squirrels hide in the yard, so that is pretty amusing. He does love to help rake leaves. Of course, the ones from the pine trees stick to him more than stays in the pile! I’m glad the chocolate isn’t getting lighter. He’s staying pretty dark. Overall, he’s probably more spoiled than his sisters and fits right in. Hope all is well at Two Creeks, and thank you again for little Dax. He is such a joy!”

Dax is living with RaChelle in Texas

“Hey, it is Sally, Max is doing great. Still sleeping with my daughter.”

Max is living with Sally and Family in Oklahoma

“We are enjoying the puppy!–no accidents–no excessive barking and she gets along with our outside dog when we play in the back yard. She loves to sit in my lap and sleep. O course I have to watch my little daughter because she tends to give her treats for everything. Teddy is very loving, and is very well-behaved. Thanks”

Teddy is living with Angela and daughter in Arkansas

“Cloey is doing great. She arrived home healthy and well. She saw our vet yesterday, and he said she looks great. She has taken to us very well, and isn’t having a hard time adjusting to us at all. No jet lag. She was very good on the plane ride home, her auntie said. I will send you pics in a couple of days of her with her new family. You are right, she is lovable. Just exactly what I wanted. (update) At bedtime, Cloey jumps up in the bed and waits for us. We have been taking her out every 3 hours since we got her, except when she sleeps from 11 PM to 6 AM. We installed a dog door panel into our sliding glass door, and she already knows how to go in and out. She is very smart. Pictures attached. She lays in her green dog bed while we are in our home office working.”

 Cloey is living with Terri and Family in California

“Izzy is doing great. I can’t tell you what a joy she has been. The snow is up to her shoulders, and she loves it. She is fashionably attired in a green argyle sweater that brings out the green in her eyes. Even so, sitting on my lap every night, she generates a lot of heat. LOL. She gets along so well with the other dogs. Have a merry schnauzery Christmas.”

Izzy is now living with Melissa in Minn.

“Kaleena is doing great! She is such a sweet little girl! She loves to cuddle with me and it is great! She also loves my cats….they run and chase all over the house. She is great with the potty training. She will use her pee pad when I am gone and goes outside on a leash as soon as we go out! When I am not home, I keep her in the bathroom….it’s fairly large so she has lots of room to play, and I have a gate up so she can see the cats. She has had a few accidents, but nothing too major. I came home this week to Kentucky to visit my parents, and my mom is absolutely in love with her too! She is the sweetest thing ever! She rides in the car in her carrier very well, and I’ve even taken her to a few places where dogs are allowed, and she is very well behaved. We went to the vet Tuesday and got a clean bill of health, and she will be getting spade in a little over a month. I got flea and heart worm medicine for her! I got her micro chipped today at the Humane Society here in case she should ever get lost! I also sent in her AKC papers today. I chose to officially name her “Twocreeks Classy Kaleena Jazz It On.” I hope it is okay that I used part of her mom and dad’s names….I’ve done this with all of my animals. Kaleena also totally loves me already….no matter where we are or who is around she always wants to sit on my lap. At night I will watch TV, and she curls up in my lap and naps! It is soooo precious! Thank you so much for allowing me to have her, I wouldn’t take anything in the world for her! Right now she is sitting here in my lap as I type this and she sends you lots of puppy kisses….which she loves giving.”

 Kaleena is living with April in Tenn.

“We picked Charley up on Saturday, November 29.  He is the cutest, sweetest, busiest little puppy.  He has a lot of energy and some of the cutest mannerisms.  We love him so much.  All of our Schnauzers each have their own personalities, which makes them all fun to own.”

 Charley is living with Arlene and Family in Oklahoma

“Molly is doing great. We love her dearly. She has such a sweet personality, and she loves people. She loves to play and run. We took her out a couple of times without her leash on and she ran us all over the yard trying to get her. That is her big game, catch me if you can !!   She does well with her little buddy, Twister. He is going to be a little bigger than her. She weighed 3.2 pounds a couple of weeks ago, but goes to the vet this week and I’ll let you know.  We had her ears cropped and she did very well and they look cute. I’ll send you a picture in a couple of days. Thanks” 

Molly is living with Karen and Family in W.V.

“We are truly excited to be bringing Syd into our home.  I think he will be an excellent addition.” 

Syd is living with Geoffrey in WV.

“Just wanted to check in with you to let you know how absolutely adorable LuluBelle is!!!!!  She makes us laugh all day every day!!!  It is interesting in that she has been the ‘perfect’ addition to our family by helping Mr. Jimmy play more and has calmed Lala’s play down.  In other words she has equalized everything.  They have a great deal of fun with her and when they are tired and want to get away….they can jump up on the sofa.  However, I find they rarely want to get away from her.  I have put all the toys in a lower longer basket so that she can reach them.  Between she and Lala….toys are everywhere!  That is fine with us because they have a blast playing with them.  LuluBelle has no problem playing by herself with the toys…especially the ones that make noise.  So cute!!!  Since it was warm last week, she played a great deal outside when I was hanging clothes or working in the yard.  What a hoot to see her run & run & run!!  She kept up w/the big guys!!!  I have found that LuluBelle likes to tease me!  Now that really is funny!!  She is truly one smart puppy!!!  LuluBelle has learned the routine of the day and night.  If she has to potty at night which has only been twice, she wakes me up to let me know, we go out, she potties and then back in to finish our night’s sleep.  Of course she loves to be held and looks forward to her ‘rock-rock’ at night.  She will be going to the groomer’s next week w/my other two for the first time.  That shall be interesting. 🙂  Just thought you would like to know how LuluBelle is progressing. I know you miss her….I would too.”

LuluBelle is living with Janet and Family in Missouri

“Hi Shirley, I love my Mickey. He immediately accepted us and is very happy with his new home. He likes to go out in the yard and also likes to be inside and close to me. He is a good pal, very sweet and easy. We will have a happy Christmas and hope the same for you.”

Mickey is living with Char and Family in Texas.

I just love love love him… : ) he sleeps on my lap as often as I sit, which he doesn’t think is near enough.. I walk by him and he squeals for me to pic him up and I DO and he is so spoiled.. and it makes my heart melt.. Don’t know what I have done so far without him… Thanks so much..

Sherry from Oklahoma is happy about Geo–I think Geo is happy also.