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Sales Agreement:

This is a legal and binding contract between Two Creeks Schnauzers (Shirley Gilbert) and the buyer.

In accepting a puppy from Two Creeks Schnauzers, buyers acknowledge agreement to all conditions shown below. Buyer has five working days to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. Failing to do this will void your health guarantee. If the veterinarian discovers the puppy to be unsound because of congenital life threatening defects, the puppy can be returned within the five day period for a refund of the purchase price or replaced with a puppy of equal or greater value at the breeder’s discretion. Your veternarian must describe in writing how the puppy is unsound. Breeder will not be liable for any expenses including but not limited to veterinary bills or other expenses.  The buyer must contact the breeder immediately upon discovery of an illness or defect. Any delay voids this guarantee. The breeder has the right to have the puppy examined by her veterinarian.  NO GUARANTEE IS GIVEN FOR SIZE OR COLOR, RETAINED TESTICLES, BAD BITES, AND/OR HERNIAS. No other guarantees given, except the following: SEVEN DAY GUARANTEE ON DEATH DUE TO ILLNESS (parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, and canine influenza) AND ONE YEAR ON LIFE THREATENING CONGENITAL DEFECTS (EXISTING AT BIRTH ONLY). IN THE INSTANCE OF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS, SELLER WILL REFUND BUYER THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PUPPY NOT INCLUDING ANY VETERINARY FEES OR SHIPPING CHARGES, ETC.

This guarantee is non-transferable.

Seller guarantees that all vaccinations and medications stated on records supplied by veterinarian and seller have been given to the puppy on the stated dates. This puppy has been given a complete and thorough check-up and found to be sound in every way by a licensed and experienced veterinarian.

Two Creeks Schnauzers sell pet quality pets only. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied regarding buyer’s ability to show or breed this dog. Seller does not guarantee coat, size, championship, temperament, personality, breeding quality of puppy, trainability and/or color of dog at maturity.

To qualify for this guarantee the buyer must meet the following terms:
  • Buyer must follow all instructions on puppy info sheet—paying particular attention as it relates to hypoglycemia.
  • Buyer must contact seller or a veterinarian at the first sign of puppy distress or illness and send to seller all dated statements showing that required shots have been given.
  • In case of death of puppy, breeder must receive a written notice of puppy’s death from owner’s vet as well as an unbiased vet, along with necropsy report indicating cause of death from a state lab set up for such procedures.
  • Buyer must have his/her veterinarian give required booster shots according to the dates marked on the health records, then once annually.
  • Buyer understands that it is in the best interest of the puppy to remain indoors and away from other animals that may bring contagious diseases in contact with the puppy until the third booster shot is complete.
  • Buyer agrees to maintain the general health of the puppy and to raise the puppy in a loving, caring home.
  • Buyer agrees that Two Creeks Schnauzers (Shirley Gilbert) has given me “Limited AKC Registration” papers for my teacup/toy puppy unless agreed to before purchase to allow full AKC Registration. Limited Registration means that any attempt to register a litter of puppies born from the puppy purchased will be denied Registration by AKC. All male teacups (below 6 pounds grown) are sold with limited registration.
  • Buyer agrees to the responsibility to make sure that the puppy eats well, especially during the first 72 hours, which is the adjustment period for the puppy. If the puppy does not eat properly he/she could develop hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar from lack of food. This is covered in the Puppy Info section on my web site as well as part of the buyer’s puppy packet.
  • Buyer agrees to make sure the puppy is brought into a calm and soothing environment and immediately set up with food and water. Your puppy is trained to use potty pads. He/she is presently in a small area sleeping in a crate with the door open where the puppy can come out to use the potty pads. Play pens also work well in the interim time. Puppies will be a minimum of 12 weeks of age before they can hold their potty any length of time. There will be accidents if you try to house break your puppy too soon.
  • Buyer agrees that if at any time there is any dispute which cannot be resolved between the seller Shirley Gilbert and/or Two Creeks Schnauzers and the buyer whose name is shown below, any legal actions brought forth by either party must be resolved through a professional unbiased mediator selected through a phone book, titled and certified as a professional mediator service and located within 35 miles of Center Ridge, County of Conway, and State of Arkansas. The pursuing party will pay all expenses of the mediator. Any attempt to hire an attorney or file any form of lawsuit will automatically make this guarantee null and void and will forfeit any and all responsibility of the seller.
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